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Melrose Health

Melrose is a trusted brand creating a portfolio of products to help consumers on their health journey. Tracktion was engaged to help build the Melrose brand through creating strong brand awareness and product education to create a demand for natural and organic products.

Our involvement included managing the day-to-day running of the business, championing new product development to align with the next new trend in Australia, and educating to draw new audiences through digital advertising, presence at expo & trade shows, and various print media campaigns.

Sales Growth

A rise in dietary trends such as Flexitarian saw an increase in trending plant-based foods such as Flaxseed oil and Coconut oil. With our expertise in building a marketing strategy, we capitalised on the growing trends through product ranging and new product development and grew the brand from $22m to $46m over 6 years.


$22 million (AUD)


$46 million (AUD)